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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitty, come to mama!

Salam Eid Adha to you guys out there! Me just stay home and tak beraya pun. Just filled up my stomach with Rendang Ayam and Sup Daging. Nyumnyum. Please pray I'll not gain weight. 

Hue hue hue.
Just now I watch Tv and I found something quite interesting for me. 
About pet! 
I just loveeeeeee cat. Love em damn much.
Eventho I don't have any cat at my house, -.-
Thinking about adopting one of em.
Ohho gosh, its not the right time Auni.
Busy schedule!
Mana ada masa la nak gedik gedik dengan kucing.
Takada masa nak golekgolek atas katil sesama.
Tak ada duit nak bagi Premium Food.
So, I just promise myself to have one in the future! 
When I already have some asset (house, car , etc)
Sekarang duit pun Ma&Pa support lg, hehe.
So if ure interested to have some of them (adopt) 
Feel free to go to Pet Finder to choose one and adopt.
Or u can buy also.
Or just take a look (like me)

Take care peeps!
Love is in the air! 

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