sape suruh bukak ?

ikut nak ? :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

At last ,


Just finished my Taaruf Week. Its was awesome! *forgot to mention some part. 
Yes, I do agree the taaruf was some kind like the one of orentation yang paling relax.
I do mean it :)
Thanks to UIA.
And most syukran to Allah.
But the last few days, memang lil bit tired with those stuff yang nak kena packing ,
As i mention earlier, Im moving to Nilai *for few month before going to Gombak

At Nilai, 
We were having lotss of breifing, when I say lotss i do mean lotss of :)

Briefing with all the department, and bla bla bla
Last Friday is the last briefing,
with the Econs Department.
Semua eager nak habis cepat sebab nak balik rumah.
Termasuk lah aku :DD

Then lepas briefing terus packing and HOME
Oh Subway, thanks. :D

What I hv to say is the journey is start to begin,
Theres lots more to face.
So Im hoping I will do it well.

Next week Im going to class, class dah mula.
And next week la banyak pakai duit.
Nak beli those book and etc, haiyaaa.

Nak update this blog pun tak sempat.
#Miradila, im waiting ur update about that taxi sapu. HIHI