sape suruh bukak ?

ikut nak ? :D

Monday, April 18, 2011


Im alone and all alone, entering the whole new world. the world that I dont know where or how it be. Walking through numerous path make remind me of something. Maybe somebody. Cant recall what I wanna write actually, so this post is actually nothing.
Starting yang macam sedih, T__T
Urgggh, apa aku meraban ni ?

D I E D,
lost connection,
So trite of me :|

please wake up ?
Hoping for an exhilarating moment for tomorrow and tomorrow,
Make it easy for me Ya Allah
I know You are always beside me :)

Ouh, I pergi R.C tadi, best!

Old adage : Live is like fighting with a dinosour (its hard you know) ,dont worry, RAWR !    (I love you)  HIHI

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